How to play pc games with ps3 controller mac

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How To Play Games On A Mac Using A PS3 Controller

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Get your game on: How to connect a PlayStation 3 controller to a Mac

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jan 31, 39 0 Leonard, Michigan. Anyone know any mac games that i can play using my ps3 controller? Dec 16, 3, Any game that supports a controller also labeled as gamepads, joypads, etc. Mar 2, There are a few solutions to make PS3 controller work for any game. Mar 26, 2, Don't use things like Gamepad Companion with Feral games it will just break our built in pad support. Very correct. If the game supports it then no need to turn it on. Just put out there for the ones that don't.

How to Use PS3 Controller on Mac [Full Guide] - MacMetric

I cannot get the pad to work I have installed [insert some third party pad input override software here] and it does not work but you said it does Give yourself the hottest PS3 controller out there by modding it and adding some sweet LED flashlights. The LEDs will light up in accordance with your game play for a whole new level of enjoyment.

This three part video series will take you through the whole process every step In this video, we learn how to get the Happy Birthday trophy in Heavy Rain. To start, you will first need to complete your drawing, set the table, and then play with your kids.

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You play the game as an architect, so this will be fun if you like to draw. Draw in the picture by p Check out this video and see what sweet mods you can apply to take this awesome PS3 game to a whole new level. From weapons, to vehicles, colors, characters, physics and more, these mods will let yo And we're not kidding, because this video guide is played on Hardcore Difficulty, the toughest of the difficulties.

It migh This is no easy task, especially when you're playing on Hardcore Difficulty! It might be a good idea for you to complete Hardcore Motorola has made it possible for you to play video, music, and pictures to your television without any wires at all. Disney's animated film Toy Story 3 beat all expectations at the box office, and is now the highest-grossing movie of in North America and second worldwide. Who knows, but no matter how successf Paying for internet WiFi? That's SO This method of tethering will only work if your iPho If you are looking to maximize your gaming experience with HD video and a surround sound or stereo headset, check out this video to learn the proper way to hook everything up.

Watch this video and you'll be able to get the best sound and picture quality when you play PS3 or Xb You can't just fight in L. Noire, you've got to be better than that. Watch this walkthrough video to learn how to beat the Boxing Clever Street Crime level. Whether you play on PS3 or Xbox this video will show you how to solve the case.

Learn how to access the PS3 secret recovery menu by following this tutorial. Hold the power button on your system. Listen for three beeps as you keep your finger on the power button. The third beep will turn your syst This might be so '2 weeks ago' but I've been away, oh well.

Connect a Sony PS4 controller to Shadow

Sure it can be possibly used for piracy, but let's not go into that topic. Instead read this nice intro into what an open PS3 can do for you v This video shows how to take apart a Play Station 3 PS3 in order to clean the disc reading lens.

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  • First locate the sticker that says "void if removed" and remove the plastic cover from this point with a screw driver. Once this cover is removed there is a second cover which is This prank is inspired by my "airbag couch prank". Place at least 2 airbags in the ground and tell someone that we are playing hide and seek and have them stand over the airbags. Have them "count down" while you go hide. The time till the airbag goes off!! While they think A guy walks into a bank with a shotgun and tries to shoot his way into the vault.

    It's not a joke, it's the kind of crime that you're standing up against when you play L. Noire for PS3 or Xbox Watch this walkthrough video to learn how to beat the Bank Job Street Crime m Whether you play on Xbox , PS3, or PC, this video has the key to picking up the Wunderwaffe, one of the best guns in the game. Are you tired of always having your hand in an akward position when playing your favorite games on the PC? Do you think it would be much easier on both your fingers and wrists to have them holding onto one thing?

    Well then, this tutorial is what you're looking for! In this video, we learn how to set your PS3 to an internet connection.

    Using a PS3 Controller With Your Android Phone

    Start off by enabling the internet so you can play online through your PS3. Go down to your network settings and then make sure this is enabled and connected to your wireless network. If you don't have a Wi Were you aware that you can use your Nokia N mobile phone as a remote controller for your Sony PS3? It's easy!

    So easy, in fact, that this N owner's guide can present a complete overview of the complete process in just under three minutes. For all of the details, includi It does not require any downloads. All the software you need is already included in Windows Media Center. This tutorial covers the basics of addi If your not sure how to steam your media files to your Playstation3 this video will explain three different ways to achieve just this.

    Your options will include using a thumb drive, a personal web server or get the appropriate software.

    Best way to use PS3 controller on Mac OSX for STEAM games?

    In this video, I answer a question from First you need to group videos you want to burn. If you want to play movies using remote control you have to place chapter markers. You can set markers manually or cho This video shows you how-to connect your iPod touch to your PS3. Once connected you'll be able to use your iPod to control some features and play you music library through your Sony PS3.

    Check it out and connect your devices! If you own a PS3 but are hoping to transition to the PC for some games that can only be played there, chances are you may have a difficult time doing so. Some gamers prefer using controllers rather than the keyboard and mouse when playing popular games like Call of Duty: World Get more out of your Motorola Xoom Android tablet.

    Hook up a PS3 controller and enjoy all the games you can play with emulators on your tablet.